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Reading in the Future – Gabriel Bá’s and Fábio Moon’s Two Brothers

Should I be worried that the first thing I see when turning on my android tablet are advertisements for insomnia medication? Screw it, whatever biological clock I had in my system shattered years ago.  Who needs sleep?  Not me.

So, I just got home from my two-hour commute from work in NYC, but tonight’s ride was a little different. Before heading home today, I made a two-hour pit stop at Tribeca’s Barnes and Noble to attend Gabriel Bá’s and Fábio Moon’s signing for their newly published graphic novel: ‘Two Brothers’. It’s now 1:00 AM in the morning.

It could be that I am punch drunk from lack of sleep, but I gotta say that the Bá and Moon brothers were awesome: humble, intelligent, and graceful.  Alongside my newly purchased copy of ‘Two Brothers’, they even signed my limited edition hard copy of ‘Daytripper‘ which I brought with me–but that’s a discussion for another future blog.



Now back to the original subject. On my ride home this Wednesday, I put aside my usual fair of new comic day books, and worked through all 228 pages of ‘Two Brothers.’ Oh, and did I mention that it is not yet available for sale, its scheduled release date is October 27–envy me.

Now many other readers may feel compelled to compare this to Daytripper; but I say no to that. Daytripper was a wholly original work.  ‘Two Brothers’, however, is a graphic novel adaptation of Milton Hatoum’s classic novel ‘The Brothers.’ A comparison is irrelevant.

Furthermore, I have not read the original novel behind this graphic novel–but plan to do so soon–so I cannot speak to the measure by which it follows the original. What I do know is that the Bá and Moon brothers have taken someone else’s classical narrative, reproduced it in their own voice, and did an extraordinary job in doing so. With wonder twin powers activated, they are still at the top of their game. The black and white artwork is stunning, and spectacularly captures the pervasive madness running through the dissolving tensile family.  Also, there is copious amounts of hot Brazilian sex, beautiful drawn scenery of the Amazonian city Manaus (no this story does not take place in Marvel’s New York City), incestuous family secrets, and Grecian tragedy.

All in all, this was by far, one of my better new comic book day Wednesdays.  Thank you to the Bá and Moon brothers for brightening my day, evening, and day again. I’ll sleep tomorrow, maybe. In the mean time, keep it coming Hermanos.

And with that, here are a few quotes:

“He complied with everything, so long as all his acts of submission ended in the hammock …” TwoBrothers

“He was what you could call a father, but one who was aware that children had robbed him of a large part of his privacy and pleasure.”

“For an old man like me, it’s best to remember all the things that have given me pleasure.  They make me live a little longer.”

“I wanted distance from all these calculations, this ambitious progress.  The future, this never-ending fallacy.”

“One word was enough, only one. Forgiveness.”


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