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Quotes for #NCBD 10/07/15 (1/3)

I both dread and look forward to first week of the month Wednesdays. That’s when most of the good stuff comes out; but that also means a lot more books to read.

My stack is at its highest that first week; and with NYCC2015, and the signings (check out my ‘Two Brothers’ post with Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon here) my reading time is stretched to its limit. So far I’m only about 1/3 deep into my stack, so I’m going to have to break this week’s quotes into two or three posts.

And by the way if you haven’t picked up a copy of Brian K. Vaughn’s ‘Paper Girls,’ run out and pick it up now. Don’t make the same mistake I made with Saga (thank God for trade paperback reprints).


“This is what old is. Confusion, aches, and pains.”

“And damn if happy don’t look insane t’me.”

“Ain’t selling crazy. But I am having a half-off sale. Which half you want off?”

– Brian Michael Bendis, Old Man Logan No. 05

“Most times being a leader is about making tough choices. Standing strong no matter what. Reminding folks there’s lines that can’t never be crossed.  But other times …other times its about making compromises. And sometimes you can’t tell the damn difference no more.”

“The bible teaches us that the devil came into Eden in the guise of a serpent. And, for a time, man lived side by side with the serpent.  Maybe he had to. Maybe he had to make a deal with the serpent to protect what he loved. To keep paradise safe. But a serpent is still a serpent, no matter what the deal. And at some point, it’s gonna do what’s in its nature.”

– Jason Aaron, Southern Bastard No.11

“Before we found each other. We were stuck being ourselves.”

– Sean Lewis, Saint No. 01

“We warned you … never eat from the tree of knowledge.”

– Brian K. Vaughn, Paper Girls No. 01

“I tried to remind myself that one man’s hopes and dreams don’t mean much in the face of war.”

Tens of thousands dead, On both sides. And I was thinking about a girl.”

– Paul Allor, Tet No. 02


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