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Quotes For #NCBD 10/21/15 (Indies)

Is it me, or is Cognetic way better than Memetic?  I really liked Memetic, I did; but Cognetic is shaping up to surpass it in all ways.  Also, Tokyo Ghost #2 adds to the background story on Debbie and Constable Led Dent–my only question now is when do the Tokyo Ghost t-shirts come out?  I’m holding my remarks on Ales Kot for that special future blog …

Oh, and check out Sunflower by Andy Ewington if you can get hold of a copy.  Tight read and the art is like liquid light.

Still got some reading left, but here are the quotes so far:

“Really I’ve got lots of really good ideas. You should listen. I’m old you know.”

“It was freeing that singularity. It made us feel like what we did had some meaning. There wasn’t any of this grey crap.It was all color. It was all red.”

“It’s easy to get these insects to all start talking about the same thing. You just need to make them scared. When they’re scared, control is easy…”

– James Tynion IV, Cognetic No. 01

“No pious luddites are going to encroach on an American’s freedom of choice.”

“People want their tech. If they love it so much–how bad can it be.”

“Consumption gives human life meaning.”

– Rick Remender, Tokyo Ghost No. 02

“Isn’t it fascinating how the normals fool themselves into thinking they could one day transform into something more than what they already are?”

Nobody knows anything. First rule of Hollywood and First rule of the World. People just convince themselves, they do to varying degrees of success. But really .. nobody knows anything.”

– Ales Kot, Wolf No. 04


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