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Quotes For #NCBD 10/21/15 (Big Three)

I wish I could buy Valiant Entertainment stock.  Alas, it is not a public company, so I’ll have to watch on the sidelines as this company grows, and continues to do big things.  Now the latest is that they will be bringing their suite of characters to the big screen.  It’s time to start referring to Marvel, DC, and Valiant as the ‘Big Three.’

Now, Wednesday is here again tomorrow, but before that …

Here are the last of the quotes for the past week:

“Cowards die many times … the VALIANT taste death but once!”

Matt Kindt, RAI No. 11

“Everything has its weakness, even the bonds of death. To him, weakness is a weapon. He sees it and exploits it.”

“And remember to clean the latrines.”

“My curse is that I see the flaw in all things. Systems. Philosophies. Structures. People. Everything.”

Warren Ellis, Karnak No. 01

“No one ever understands he doesn’t drink to forget. He drinks to remember.”

Dan Abnett, Titans Hunt No. 01

“I’m going to be a GOD, damn it!”

Meredith Finch, Wonder Woman No. 45

“I leave you with this: It’s still fear that keeps you together … but not fear of me … it’s your fear of each other.”

Scott Lobdell, Teen Titans No. 12

“If death didn’t exist, we wouldn’t be who we are, we wouldn’t value life as we do. Don’t you see? Death isn’t evil.”

Geoff Johns, Justice League 45


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