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Quotes for #NCBD 11/4/15 (Indies and One Valiant)

Another new month is upon us.  The year 2015 inches closer to its end, and the holidays are around the corner. Year end also means crunch time for me at work (yes I have a day job), together with the yearly, attendance required, corporate festivities (anyone else celebrated Diwali this past week?).  Just this past Wednesday, I had to put my comic book reading on hold til the wee hours of the following morning, so I could go bowling with my professional peers–gotta admit it was fun.  But, that means my blogging will be less frequent for the time being.

At least I have the weekends (sometimes).

First week of the month is also the heaviest for my #NCBD stack.  A lot of Indies, Marvel, and DC; but only one Valiant (Ninjak). I picked up Niobe (got both the regular and alternate Hyoung Taek Nam covers; you should too if you can); and picked up Paper Girls No. 2 which threw in more time traveling twists.

Not ready to pass full judgement on Saints–No. 2 came out this week–but like what I am reading so far.

I also subcribe to Lazarus and Black Science, but I want to save those for a future blog.  They deserve special attention.

Monstress and a few others (see below) also made it into my stack.  Also, I am going to try to make the signing this weekend @MidtownComics (downtown location) to meet Marjorie Liu (I’ll blog about that too, Sunday night.)

Here are the quotes:

Caution is the cousin of fear. And fear is the mother of cowardice.”

Matt Kindt, Ninjak No. 9

“Micro-what now?”

“Microfiches. We’ve applied for a grant to digitize the archive. But right now we’re strictly analog.”

Mike Carey, Rowans Ruin No. 2

“I do not wish to play God, my misshapen friend … only to correct his mistakes.”

The Williams Brothers and Andi Ewington, ExMortis No. 1

“What haunts you? Is it the shadow you cannot run from? Or the memory you cannot escape?”

Amandla Stenberg & Sebastian A. Jones, Niobe She is LIfe No. 1

“I hate silence. It’s why I talk so much shit.”

Sean Lewis, Saints No. 2

“… my identity and destiny were thrust upon me without my consent. It happens.”

“We die according to how we lived and we live according to a plan most of us cannot see.”

Alex Grecian, Rasputin No. 10


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