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Quotes for #NCBD 11/4/15 (Big Two)

Another #NCBD is already only a few hours away. I just finished reading the last of my comics from last Wed.  Brian Michael Bendis signed off on issue 600 of the ‘Uncanny X-Men’ to make room for Jeff Lemire on ‘Extraodinary X-Men; and Logan is back, maybe (suspiciously looking like a Hybrid Sabretooth/Wolverine). A mad ‘Deadpool’ kickstarted his new mercenary for hire business; and ‘Drax’ goes solo.

Commissioner Gordon is still Batman; and the Green Lantern is on the run in space. Also DC Vertigo released a dark take on social media that should pique your interest in Rob WIlliams’ ‘Unfollow’.

I also subscribe to Gaiman’s and Buckingham’s ‘Miracle Man’; but that’s a post for another day.

Here are the quotes:

” … I shall protect your flock. Yeah … you and me lord. Together we are gonna crack some heads.”

Rob Williams, Unfollow No. 1

“No beer for me, but there’s an Irish pub on Alpha Centauri, and I could go in for some bangers and mash.”

CM Punk and Cullen Bunn, Drax No. 1

“Nothing makes you feel more a part of a place than breathing it in.”

Robert Venditti, Green Lantern No. 46

“I gotta laugh when I hear Superman say the word obvious so matter of factly …”

Peter J. Tomasi, Detective Comics No. 46


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