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These guys don’t put out too many books, but their focus is definitely on quality, not quantity.  They don’t skimp on the art either, and the storytelling is fantastic. I recommend all of their books, and they do a good job of maintaining the continuity of their universe . Let’s hope they stay that way–I’m not looking forward to a Valiant Multiverse.

Here are the quotes:

“I don’t need friends … need victims.”

“Knowing the future rarely makes it better.”

Written by Joshua Dysart, with Art by CAFU & Juan Jose Ryp, Imperium 10,  Valiant Comics

“ … I only killed with Purpose. But you Humans seemed to Enjoy my Suffering. And I believe I am beginning to see … the Appeal.”

Written by James Asmus, with Art by Larl Moline and Mark Pennington, Unity 24, Valiant Comics


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