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QUOTES FOR #NCBD 11/11/15 (DC Comics & Vertigo)

The countdown has begun for #NCBD 11/18/2015, and I got done with my DC Books just in time.

A young Superboy begins to blossom in Kansas in Landis’ Superman American Alien.

The Darkseid War one-shots continue to roll-out. I highly recommend the Green Lantern one-shot for it’s heartbreaking side story penned by Tom King.  The Shazam one-shot is worth a look too

Twilight Children No. 2 and Slash & Burn No.1 from DC Vertigo are also a must read from this past week.

And Batman. Don’t forget about Batman.

Here are the quotes:

“We never give up. Maybe it’s because we’re too young to believe in defeat. But that’s who we are.”


Teen Titans No. 13, Will Pfeifer, with Art by Ricken Paolo Pantalena and Noel Rodriguez, DC Comics

“I’m not normal …maybe that’s good. You know what, yeah. That’s right. Who needs normal. Maybe weird is better”


Superman American Alien No.1, Max Landis, with Art by Nick Dragotta, DC Comics

“Why wouldn’t God just come down and catch him, right? When he fell. I mean, when he went down. Isn’t that what God’s suppsed to do? Catch you when you fall?”


“This is your world to create pal. You get to choose. God gets to watch.”


The Darkseid War: Green Lantern, One-Shot, Tom King with Art by Doc Shaner, DC Comics 

“Men Reason. Gods don’t rationalize. We act boldly, decisively. And often!.”

“It’s called a God Complex for a reason.”


The Darkseid War: Shazam, One-Shot, Steve Orlando with Art by Scott Kolins, DC Comics

“They say you always hurt the one you love … which makes me a good time gal and a femme fatale.”


Slash & Burn No. 1, Si Spencer with Art by Max Dunbar, DC Vertigo Comics



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