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QUOTES FOR #NCBD 11/18/15 (451 Media)

I’m not sure if this is a comic book, a story board, or George & Andi’s subtle pitch to Michael Bay for a new movie. All I know is that the story and art flowed across my visual periphery like an action-packed silent film. This one is gearing up to have it all: elite special ops warfare, cartel machinations, and romance. Can’t wait for issue two.

The only downside: I wasn’t able to pick up the alt cover, so I had to settle for two copies of the original cover.

S6x No. 1


Here are the quotes:

“The way I see it religion as a whole is one big gamble. Be like asking a croupier if you should hit or stand.”

“Thank you for calling Hash’s Premium Rent-O-Kill. One of our representatives will be with you shortly. In the meantime we recommend you vacate to a safe distance away from the hostile infestation … and ensure all assholes are securely covered.”


George Pelecanos & Andi Ewington, with gritty Art by Max Chater, S6x, 451 Media #ImaginationToBurn



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