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Will someone please explain Deconnick’s and Rios’ ‘Pretty Deadly’ to me, and why I like it so much. I beg of you. The second arc commenced this week in issue # 6.

Japan’s New Gods bested the Japanese Supernatural Titans, and look to consolidate their power; but the old Gods are not ready to quit just yet. Wayward #11 is a good jumping point, as its second arc begins too.

Have Debbie and Led found a true Edenic Bushido Paradise in ‘Tokyo Ghost’ #3? Can peace be truly found in a Paradise driven by a Samurai Code?

Am I sensing a strong Eastern influence in this week’s Image Books?  How odd.

Huck, by Mark Millar, is a gentle power, whose secret is about to end.

And I read Skottie Young’s ‘I Hate Fairyland’ because it is violently funny. How am I gonna explain this one to my therapist?

Here are the quotes:

“In our quest for convenience, we’ve traded in the Earth for synthetic facsimile.”


Rick Remender, with Art by Sean Murphy, Tokyo Ghost #3, Image Comics

“Oh nonsense Butterfly. Just because you cannot see order does not mean it isn’t there.”


Kelly Sue Deconnick, with Art by Emma Rios, Pretty Deadly #6, Image Comics

“The stories of old are washed away, replaced with shallow rubbish. I’m fascinated and appalled by it.”


Jim Zub, with Art by Steven Cummings, Wayward #11, Image Comics




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