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The Secret Six stand behind Black Alice no matter what the cost; and Harley Quinn battles a resurrected foe.


What is Mother’s secret in Batman & Robin Eternal? And the Suicide Squad teams up with a rogue Amanda Waller.


The Titans follow a fateful hunt; and Superman controls his Wrath, only to battle … Frankenstein?


And DC Vertigo continues to up the ante with two of its latest releases: Clean Room and Red Thorn (buy ’em both).

Here are the quotes:

“Before Pangea cracked. Before Atlantis drowned. What would one day become the world’s apex predator was merely another species rolling the dice.”


Gail Simone, with Art by Dale Eaglesham & Tom Derenick, Secret Six No. 8, DC Comics

“Everything in the world is hunting for something.”


Dan Abnett, with Art by Stephen Segovia, Titans Hunt No. 2, DC Comics




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