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Another #NCBD is upon us, but not before Grayson takes a step closer to uncovering Spyral’s dark secret, “further and further down the spiral”.

We Are Robin get’s ready for war, as the team gets some good advice from the Butler: wear masks!

DeathStroke can’t save his daughter, but maybe Catwoman can.

DKIII – The Master Race Book One, finally got a moment to read it. Is Bruce Wayne really dead, and who is the father of that baby Wonder Woman was carrying?

Here are the quotes:

“Yes, that is the perfect place to start, isn’t it? Once? In a moment of time? A single point on the infinite line.”

“These intruders interrupted my Percy Bysshe Shelley .”

“Age is a scalpel, cutting out bits of what we are.”


Tim Seeley & Tom King, with Art by Stephen Mooney, Grayson No. 14, DC Comics

“I found a way to monetize my condition.”


Tony S. Daniel & James Bonny, with Art by Tyler Kirkham, Deathstroke No. 12, DC Comics

“One more thing … wear masks.”


Lee Bermejo, with Art by Jorge Corona, We Are Robin No. 6, DC Comics

“A good death.? There’s no such THING.”

“Bruce Wayne is DEAD.”


Brian Azzarello & Frank Miller, with Art by Andy Kubert & Klaus Janson, DKIII – The Master Race Book One. DC Comics








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