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Quotes #NCBD 2/03/2016 (@DCcomics Vertigo)

Three DC Vertigo titles this week.  Tom King continues to impress with The Sheriff of Babylon.  Only a matter of time before this gets optioned for TV or as a movie.

Also picked up Survivor’s Club and Unfollow. Two graphic horror tales focusing on the darker side of gaming and social media.

Here are the quotes:

“Before it was just Saddam, but now we have a thousand Saddams. A Saddam on every corner, driving little Saddam cars, with Saddam guns, and Saddam bullets, and Saddam bombs, everywhere.

The Sheriff of Babylon #5, DC Vertigo Comics
Written by: Tom King
Illustrated and Colored by: Mitch Gerads
Lettered by: Travis Lanham

“The Lord suggests you are best paired with a Heckler & Koch P30 chambered in .40 Cal.”

Unfollow #4, DC Vertigo Comics
Written by: Rob Williams
Illustrated by: Mike Dowling
Colored by: Quinton Winter
Lettered by: Clem Robins

“… Secrets are DEEP. They have to work their way out like a piece of glass in you hand?”

Survivors’ Club #5, DC Vertigo Comics
Written by: Dale Halvorsen & Lauren Beukes
Illustrated by: Ryan Kelly
Colored by: Eva de la Cruz
Lettered by: Clem Robins



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