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Reading in the Past

One of the cool outcomes of this blog is that I am digging into my old comics and graphic novels to re-read them. Admittedly, some are best left alone in the confused generosity of my memories. Others, however–given my advanced age in years–have been even more poignant and nerving the second (or third) time around. I am now looking forward to re-reading 100 Bullets, Moonshadow, Scalped, DKR, Sandman, Maus, DayTripper, and many others. All this stuff was just sitting in my attic. When I am done, again, I am conflicted as to what to do with them. Stack them back into the shadows? Just doesn’t seem right. Resell them? I don’t want to let them go. Give them away, and if so, to whom? In the mean time, though, anything of interest I will post. And if anyone has any recommendations, whether from the past, present or future, please share (but please limit the recommends to the comic book or graphic novel mediums).

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