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Quotes #NCBD 3/23/2016 (DC’s Batman No. 50)

It’s been over two months since I last blogged on this site–just in time for #NCBD 3/30/16 tomorrow. Bruce Wayne is back, so I’m coming back. Nothing against Scott Snyder, who is one of the best comic book writers out there right now, but I wasn’t really digging the whole Jim Gordon as Batman in the Power Suit thing.  I am glad to have good old Bruce back, with some really cool quotes:

“It’s been a good rest, but the city is calling you. They need their Batman back.”

“Hello Jim. Who died and made you Batman.”

“But Superheroes never fix those things for us. Not even Batman. He can’t fix the real things … because he’s not Real.”

“The rest of us. We do what we can to be able to say:  ‘I was here.’

Batman #5o, DC Comics
Written by: Scott Snyder
Pencilled by: Greg Capullo
Inked by: Danny Miki
Colored by: Fco Plascencia
Lettered : Steve Wands



Another #NCBD is upon us, but not before Grayson takes a step closer to uncovering Spyral’s dark secret, “further and further down the spiral”.

We Are Robin get’s ready for war, as the team gets some good advice from the Butler: wear masks!

DeathStroke can’t save his daughter, but maybe Catwoman can.

DKIII – The Master Race Book One, finally got a moment to read it. Is Bruce Wayne really dead, and who is the father of that baby Wonder Woman was carrying?

Here are the quotes:

“Yes, that is the perfect place to start, isn’t it? Once? In a moment of time? A single point on the infinite line.”

“These intruders interrupted my Percy Bysshe Shelley .”

“Age is a scalpel, cutting out bits of what we are.”


Tim Seeley & Tom King, with Art by Stephen Mooney, Grayson No. 14, DC Comics

“I found a way to monetize my condition.”


Tony S. Daniel & James Bonny, with Art by Tyler Kirkham, Deathstroke No. 12, DC Comics

“One more thing … wear masks.”


Lee Bermejo, with Art by Jorge Corona, We Are Robin No. 6, DC Comics

“A good death.? There’s no such THING.”

“Bruce Wayne is DEAD.”


Brian Azzarello & Frank Miller, with Art by Andy Kubert & Klaus Janson, DKIII – The Master Race Book One. DC Comics







Quotes for #NCBD 11/4/15 (Big Two)

Another #NCBD is already only a few hours away. I just finished reading the last of my comics from last Wed.  Brian Michael Bendis signed off on issue 600 of the ‘Uncanny X-Men’ to make room for Jeff Lemire on ‘Extraodinary X-Men; and Logan is back, maybe (suspiciously looking like a Hybrid Sabretooth/Wolverine). A mad ‘Deadpool’ kickstarted his new mercenary for hire business; and ‘Drax’ goes solo.

Commissioner Gordon is still Batman; and the Green Lantern is on the run in space. Also DC Vertigo released a dark take on social media that should pique your interest in Rob WIlliams’ ‘Unfollow’.

I also subscribe to Gaiman’s and Buckingham’s ‘Miracle Man’; but that’s a post for another day.

Here are the quotes:

” … I shall protect your flock. Yeah … you and me lord. Together we are gonna crack some heads.”

Rob Williams, Unfollow No. 1

“No beer for me, but there’s an Irish pub on Alpha Centauri, and I could go in for some bangers and mash.”

CM Punk and Cullen Bunn, Drax No. 1

“Nothing makes you feel more a part of a place than breathing it in.”

Robert Venditti, Green Lantern No. 46

“I gotta laugh when I hear Superman say the word obvious so matter of factly …”

Peter J. Tomasi, Detective Comics No. 46

Quotes For #NCBD 10/14/15 (3/4)

Finally made it through my stack, and I am now gearing up for tomorrow …

Here are the remaining quotes for this past week:

“In the beginning there was nothing.  And then … there was Batman. And this was good.”

– Scott Snyder, Batman No. 45

“The Negative Zone. If you know anyone from here you’ve made a huge mistake somewhere.”

“How many cosmic artifacts of immeasurable cosmic import do you need to almost die from before you learn that we live in a galaxy filled with cosmic artifacts of immeasurable cosmic import.”

– Brian Michael Bendis, Guardians of the Galaxy No. 1 (2015)

“You hear nothing because you don’t know what to listen for.”

“History is measured in years, not days.”

“We are deaf from this binary din, yet we still embrace it, because the quiet shames us.”

– Jonathan Hickman, East of West No. 21

Reading in The Past – Alan Moore’s Batman: The Killing Joke

It’s late Friday evening, and I’m done with work, but I promised myself I’d get in a post tonight.  Feeling lazy I reached out to Batman: The Killing Joke. It looked slim enough that I could get through it within a few minutes of a quick re-read.

I was lucky enough to get this one shot graphic novel when it first came out back in 1988, and I have re-read my personal very-fine copy a number of times. Still, it has been at last ten years or so since I last looked at this prior to today.

Although my hazy recollections were positive, all I could really remember about it was that Barbara Gordon was crippled in it, it had one of the earliest Joker origin stories I was aware of, and there were these demonic midgets in those pages somewhere.

Doing some research (very little I confess) I found out that Alan Moore is very critical of this work, and only did it as a favor to Brian Bolland. Furthermore, there is a 2008 hard covered version, recolored by Bolland, who was not happy with the original (I may have to check that out one day). Nonetheless, many consider it to be the definitive Joker story, and one of the best Batman stories ever to be published.

Me, I enjoyed it then, and still enjoy it today. One thing though, despite it being a Batman story, I’d re-classify it as horror; but this may be colored by the fact that I am reading Moore’s ‘Providence‘ present day. The Joker I remember from my formative years was kind of goofy; but here in this book’s macabre artwork, I’m reintroduced to the crazy rantings of a murderous Joker, driven mad by one bad day, invoking images in my mind of a crazed Jack Nicholson from the Shining.  I can’t recall exactly when the Joker evolved into the murdering psychopath he is today–probably sometime in the seventies or eighties if memory serves me right –but it was Moore who set him off on the homicidal path that continues to date (I’ll have to add ‘Joker History’ to my little black book of future blogs).  

Moore, in one of his interviews, says “it isn’t about anything that you’re ever going to encounter in real life, because Batman and the Joker are not like any human beings that have ever lived.”  True as that may be, with all the hate and mass shootings–the madness in Oregon being the latest–happening in today’s world, I’m inclined to believe that there are too many Jokers in the world, and not enough Batmen.

Here are some quotes:

“How can two people hate so much without knowing each other.”

“Remember? Ohh, I wouldn’t do that! Remembering’s dangerous. I find the past such a worrying anxious place.”

“Memory’s so treacherous. One moment you’re lost in a carnival of delights with poignant childhood aromas, the flashing neon of puberty, all that sentimental candy floss … the next it leads you somewhere you don’t want to go … somewhere dark and cold, filled with the damp, ambiguous shapes of things you’d hoped were forgotten.”

“Memories can be vile, repulsive little brutes, like children I suppose.”

“Don’t get ee-ee-even, get mad!”

“Ladies and Gentlemen! You’ve read about it in the newspapers!  Now shudder as you observe, before your very eyes, that most rare and tragic of nature’s mistakes! I give you … The Average Man!”

“Faced with the inescapable fact that human existence is mad, random and pointless, one in eight of them crack up and go stark slavering buggo!”

“If I’m going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice!”

Killing Joke

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