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Quotes #NCBD 2/3/2016 (@451official)

Picked up Bad Moon Rising #5.  It’s really a shame that this is only a six issue limited series. This one was filling that gaping show hole left over by the season finale of Sons of Anarchy.

You can read my review at for more details:

Review: Bad Moon Rising No. 5

Here are the quotes:

“Take the bike. She’s a righteous ride. An original fifty-seven straight leg rigid. Be good to her.”

“Nembutal, you’re my only friend.”

Bad Moon Rising #5, 451 Media
Written by: Scott Rosenberg
Adapted by: Brandon Easton
Illustrated by: Ty Dazo
Colored by: RV Fuentes & Raymund Lee
Lettered & Inked by: Eugenio Perez Jr.


Quotes #NCBD 2/03/2016 (@DCcomics Vertigo)

Three DC Vertigo titles this week.  Tom King continues to impress with The Sheriff of Babylon.  Only a matter of time before this gets optioned for TV or as a movie.

Also picked up Survivor’s Club and Unfollow. Two graphic horror tales focusing on the darker side of gaming and social media.

Here are the quotes:

“Before it was just Saddam, but now we have a thousand Saddams. A Saddam on every corner, driving little Saddam cars, with Saddam guns, and Saddam bullets, and Saddam bombs, everywhere.

The Sheriff of Babylon #5, DC Vertigo Comics
Written by: Tom King
Illustrated and Colored by: Mitch Gerads
Lettered by: Travis Lanham

“The Lord suggests you are best paired with a Heckler & Koch P30 chambered in .40 Cal.”

Unfollow #4, DC Vertigo Comics
Written by: Rob Williams
Illustrated by: Mike Dowling
Colored by: Quinton Winter
Lettered by: Clem Robins

“… Secrets are DEEP. They have to work their way out like a piece of glass in you hand?”

Survivors’ Club #5, DC Vertigo Comics
Written by: Dale Halvorsen & Lauren Beukes
Illustrated by: Ryan Kelly
Colored by: Eva de la Cruz
Lettered by: Clem Robins


New Hobby: Adult Coloring Books


WalkingDeadColoringLooks like I found a new hobby: Adult Coloring Books!

You can read more about it here in


Also, I can”t wait to get my hands on the coming Walking Dead Coloring Book from Image. Read about it in the latest issue of Comic Shop News.




Quotes #NCBD 1/27/2016 (@BoomStudios)

It’s sci-fi and fantasy week at Boom!Studios. At least it is for me. Two titles this week: Wild’s End: The Enemy Within #5 and Venus #2. Plus Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Dragons #2 from last week.

Sacrifices are made in Wild’s End encounter with an invading alien force; and intrigue and secrets abound in the nascent colonization of Venus by NASA’s possible last heroes.

I highly recommend both. Buy ’em!

Here are the quotes:

“Time passes slowly in captivity, and in the darkness … The ambiguous darkness that is my current boon and my constant doom.”

“It is all vanity and resentment … and hubris.”

“All is light … until there is only darkness.”

“The books are not like this.”

Wild’s End: The Enemy Within #5, Boom!Studios
Written by: Dan Abnett
Illustrated and Lettered by: I.N.J. Culbard
Additional Material by: Nik Abnett

“I just want to know if the A.I. sees me in the shower. And if so, what’s it think? You know out of ten.”

Venus #2, Boom!Studios
Written by: Rick Loverd
Illustrated by: Huang Danlan
Colored by: Marcio Menyz
Lettered by: Colin Bell

“I will not be defeated in this simple task of catching fish!”

Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Dragons #2, Boom!Studios
Written and Illustrated by: Nathan Pride
Spot Illustrations by: David Petersen
Lettered by: Warren Montgomery


Quotes #NCBD 1/27/2016 (@451official)

Picked up one new title this week (s6x #3), plus two from last week: Sunflower #3 and ExMortis #3 (I still see a few issues left on the rack so buy ’em if you missed ’em, before they are gone).

In the latest installment from Pelecanos’ and Ewington’s s6x, McQuade recruits more former squad members to Sarah’s cause. The team is slowly coming together for the battle against Señor Martinez’s Cartel. Kind of like a Guns N’ Roses reunion tour, except with real Guns and Roses.

Here are the quotes:

“Nothing like a bit of hillwalking to blow the years of saturated civilian life out of the arteries.”

s6x #3, 451 Media
Created by: George Pelecanos
Written by: Andi Ewington
Illustrated by: Mack Chater
Cover by: Ben Oliver
Colored by: Dee Cuniffe
Lettered by: Jim Campbell

“The seeker is always the sucker.”

Sunflower #3, 451 Media
Created and Written by: Mark Mallouk
Adapted by: Andi Ewington
Illustrated by: Lee Carter
Lettered by: Eugenio Perez, Jr.

“Captain my Ass. You’re a Freak like the rest of us …”

ExMortis #3, 451 Media
Created and Written by: The Williams Brothers
Adapted by: Andi Ewington
Illustrated by: Raymund Bermudez
Cover by: Ben Oliver
Lettered by:Eugenio Perez, Jr.


Quotes #NCBD 1/27/2016 (@ValiantComics)

Catching up on my Valiant Titles; fell behind, so quoting two titles from last week: Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #3 and Imperium #12.

This week I picked up Faith #1 (read my review at, and Bloodshot #10.

A new arc begins in Bloodshot the Analog Man. This one has a Mad Max look to it, but set in a future LA (with a special surprise guest at the end?)

Here are the quotes:

“I will only remember the hate … reborn a slave to conflict.”

Imperirum #12, Valiant Comics
Written by: Joshua Dysart
Illustrated by: Cafu (Present) and Juan Jose Ryp (Past)
Colored by: Ulises Arreola
Lettered by: Dave Sharpe

“Not even the Pale Herder and his droves could offer them such a banquet.”

Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #3, Valiant Comics
Written by: Robert Venditti
Illustrated by: Raul Allen & Patricia Martin with David Astruga
Colored by: Borja Pindado
Lettered by: Patricia Martin

“Nothing like a possible murder to get you up and going.”

Faith #1, Valiant Comics
Written by: Jody Houser
Illustrated by: Frances Portela & Marguerite Sauvage with Joe Quinones
Colored by: Andrew Dalhouse
Lettered by: Dave Sharpe

“Long time no see. Fancy saving the world?”

Bloodshot #10, Valiant Comics
Written by: Jeff Lemire
Illustrated by: Lewis Larosa
Colored by: Brian Reber
Lettered by: Dave Lanphear


Quotes #NCBD 1/13/2016 (@451official)

Only two issues left in this mini series as the violence and sex is amped up. Stock up on Silver …

Here is the quote:

“Not only am I Biker, and a Werewolf, Mr. Triggs, I also fancy myself something of a Feminist!”

Bad Moon Rising #4, 451 Media
Written by: Scott Rosenberg
Illustrated by: Ty Dazo
Colored by: RV Fuentes & Raymund Lee
Lettered by: Eugenio Perez Jr.

Quotes #NCBD 1/13/2016 (@BoomStudios)

Two new books from Boom!Studios this past Wednesday: the murderous conclusion to Rowan’s Ruin and the second issue for Snow Blind.  Both were good reads. I was sad to see Rowan’s Ruin come to an end, but Ollie Masters got my attention as he dug deeper into the WitPro mystery.

Here are the quotes:

“Why did nobody even ask about the dogs?”

Rowans Ruin #4, Boom!Studios
Written by: Mike Carey
Illustrated by: Mike Perkins
Colored by: Andy Troy
Lettered by: Jim Campbell

“All I wanted was the truth…And now that I had something that could be it–I Just wanted it to be another lie.”


Snow Blind #2, Boom!Studios
Written by: Ollie Masters
Illustrated by: Tyler Jenkins
Lettered by: Colin Bell

Quotes #NCBD 1/6/2016 (@ValiantComics)

One key title out this week as the new ‘The Kill List‘ arc begins in ‘X-O Manowar‘ #43.

Aric and Ninjak team up to assassinate Vine “Planting” Agents who conspire to destroy all humankind; but I got a funny feeling somebody is getting played …


Here are the quotes:

“If the swords make you leery, don’t fret. I’m not being paid to unsheathe them on your behalf. This time.”

X-O Manowar #43, Valiant Comics
Written by: Robert Venditti
Illustrated by: Robert Gill
Colored by: Ulises Arreola
Lettered by: Dave Sharpe


Quotes #NCBD 1/6/2016 (@BoomStudios)

Another new Boom!Studios four issue miniseries; but this one has on going series written all over it. Contract Killers never get old. Or do they?

Here are the quotes:

“They Let Anyone Join the Club These Days?”

“No One’s Got Any Sense of Duty Anymore.”

The Last Contract #1, Boom!Studios
Written & Lettered by: Ed Brisson
Illustrated by: Lisandro Estherren
Colored by: Niko Guardia
Variant Cover by: Vanesa R. Del Rey


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