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Quotes for #NCBD 11/18/2015 (Valiant Comics)

If @ValiantComics was to offer me a minimum wage janitorial position with stock options, I’d take it in a heartbeat. It’d be a deep pay cut for me, but those options would be worth an infinite amount of currency–preferably bitcoins.

Only two comics out this week, but once again they proved that less is more.

A Golem inspired Demon taunts the Eternal Warrior in Hell as he contemplates leaving a Dantean Elysian Field within Hades.

Bloodshot is finally truly reborn, and magically in love. And were there two bus riding Bloodsquirts on that last page?

You gotta buy ’em both if you want to know more.

Here are the quotes:

“Blood be like wine. Be better with age.”

“Let’s pretend there aren’t questions.”

Robert Venditti, with Art by Raul Allen & Patricia Martin, Wrath of the Eternal Warrior No. 1 (2015), Valiant Comics

“Then she does something I didn’t see coming … she loves me anyway.”

Jeff Lemire, with Art by Butch Guice & David Baron, BloodShot Reborn No. 8, Valiant Comics





Quotes for #NCBD 11/11/15 (Indies)

It’s about eight minutes to midnight and I need to go to bed, and I haven’t finished reading all my books.  At least I made it through all my Indies.

Limbo No. 1 really surprised me.  It’s a pulp crime noir with an 80s feel.  And it has voodoo and lizard meat.  Buy it.

Last Sons of America imagines a dystopian future where China sterilised the American population, leading to an exploiting and capitalist market for children.

Bad Moon Rising continues with its werewolf driven lunar cycle.

I’d like to quote Jason Aaron’s ‘The Goddamned’, but I’m not ready to take on The Theists.  They’re too powerful.

Descender No. 7 is by far  one of the best sci-fi comics out there now.  Plus now it has TIM-21 and TIM-22 (not to be confused with Thing 1 and Thing 2).

Looks like we have not seen the last of Tad Ledbetter in Image Comic’s Southern Bastards (last seen taking a brutal coma inducing beating for befriending Earl Tubb). He is now marshaling his troops for revenge.

I also picked up Birthright No. 11, The Walking Dead No. 148 (only two away from 150), and Faster Than Light no. 3. All excellent reads.

And now the quotes:

“Trust me you come here for the lizard on a stick, not the warmth of the locals.”

“Uncover the truth. Every truth you can. That’s the only way. The only way to find out what lurks beneath the surface.”

Dan Watters, with Art Drawn by Caspar Wijngaard, Limbo No. 1, Image Comics

“Children are the most valuable resource now.”

Phillip Kennedy Johnson, with art by Matthew Dow Smith, Last Sons of America No. 1, BOOM! STUDIOS

“The Secret to Dreams is that you need good people in your life to make ’em real.”

Scott Rosenberg, with Art by Ty Dazo, Bad Moon Rising No. 2,  451 ‪#‎ImaginationToBurn‬

“A good player is a Soldier. And with enough Soldiers–What you’ve got is an Army.”

Jason Latour, Art by Chris Brunner, Southern Bastards, No. 12, Image Comics

Quotes for #NCBD 10/07/15 (2/3)

Finally made it through the rest of my stack; and I got a few quotes and honorable mentions.

I also want to add that just because I don’t quote from a comic, that doesn’t mean I enjoyed it any less.  Jeff Lemire’s coming of age “Plutona” and Jay Faerber’s sci-fi western ‘Copperhead” are solid reads, and I recommend ’em wholeheartedly. I also picked up Mike Carey’s new mini series ‘Rowans Ruin’, which is setting up to be a good horror romp.

Lastly I just finished reading Ales Kot’s ‘Surface’ #4. I have a few quotes, but I’m going to save them for a later post.  I want to reread ‘Change’, and then follow with another read of ‘Surface’ 1-4, because there is some sort of connection. Then again, maybe I am just old and confused, and imagining things,

Anyway here are the last of the quotes:

“In the Grand dance of creation and destruction, of entropy and irony, the worlds are ending and she is there for all of them.”

– Neal Gaiman, The Sandman Overture No. 06

“There’s a thrill right at the end of a mystery. No more secrets. No more lies. All that’s left is the chase.”

– James Tynion IV and Scott Snyder, Batman & Robin Eternal No. 01

“With Great Power … Comes Greater Speed, Storage and Battery Life.”

– Dan Slott, The Amazing Spiderman No. 01 (2015)

“Ideas of the fourth dimension and its strange geometry suggest that there are ‘corners’ of reality which may be in a higher mathematic space and not that evident to our perceptions.”

– Alan Moore, Providence No. 05

“I am Groot.”

– Jeff Loveness, Groot No. 05

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