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Quotes For #NCBD 10/14/15 (3/4)

Finally made it through my stack, and I am now gearing up for tomorrow …

Here are the remaining quotes for this past week:

“In the beginning there was nothing.  And then … there was Batman. And this was good.”

– Scott Snyder, Batman No. 45

“The Negative Zone. If you know anyone from here you’ve made a huge mistake somewhere.”

“How many cosmic artifacts of immeasurable cosmic import do you need to almost die from before you learn that we live in a galaxy filled with cosmic artifacts of immeasurable cosmic import.”

– Brian Michael Bendis, Guardians of the Galaxy No. 1 (2015)

“You hear nothing because you don’t know what to listen for.”

“History is measured in years, not days.”

“We are deaf from this binary din, yet we still embrace it, because the quiet shames us.”

– Jonathan Hickman, East of West No. 21


Quotes for #NCBD 10/07/15 (2/3)

Finally made it through the rest of my stack; and I got a few quotes and honorable mentions.

I also want to add that just because I don’t quote from a comic, that doesn’t mean I enjoyed it any less.  Jeff Lemire’s coming of age “Plutona” and Jay Faerber’s sci-fi western ‘Copperhead” are solid reads, and I recommend ’em wholeheartedly. I also picked up Mike Carey’s new mini series ‘Rowans Ruin’, which is setting up to be a good horror romp.

Lastly I just finished reading Ales Kot’s ‘Surface’ #4. I have a few quotes, but I’m going to save them for a later post.  I want to reread ‘Change’, and then follow with another read of ‘Surface’ 1-4, because there is some sort of connection. Then again, maybe I am just old and confused, and imagining things,

Anyway here are the last of the quotes:

“In the Grand dance of creation and destruction, of entropy and irony, the worlds are ending and she is there for all of them.”

– Neal Gaiman, The Sandman Overture No. 06

“There’s a thrill right at the end of a mystery. No more secrets. No more lies. All that’s left is the chase.”

– James Tynion IV and Scott Snyder, Batman & Robin Eternal No. 01

“With Great Power … Comes Greater Speed, Storage and Battery Life.”

– Dan Slott, The Amazing Spiderman No. 01 (2015)

“Ideas of the fourth dimension and its strange geometry suggest that there are ‘corners’ of reality which may be in a higher mathematic space and not that evident to our perceptions.”

– Alan Moore, Providence No. 05

“I am Groot.”

– Jeff Loveness, Groot No. 05

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